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Wilmington, NC, United States


We used Bennett Construction (Teddy and Shawn Bennett) for our major home remodel/addition.  Our home was a 1954 beach cottage that was sorely in need of updating and we also added an entire floor.  Teddy and Shawn had to perform extensive engineering work to update and enlarge the house as the original cottage was not even bolted to the pilings.  While they utilized some subcontractors for parts of the project (electrical, tile, painting, cabinetry, hardwood installation), for the most part, Teddy and Shawn were onsite every day and they did the majority of the work themselves.  We cannot say enough about how professional, skilled, gifted, and talented Shawn and Teddy are.  They are a consummate team that draw on Teddy's long history of work in this area and Shawn's creativity.  We deferred to them so many times on artistic decisions because they each have such a wonderful eye for how things are going to fit together.  We were actually nervous about undertaking such a large project based on an old cottage but Teddy assured us it should be done and our home has turned out beautifully!  We feel like Shawn and Teddy are members of our family and they helped us build our home in the midst of building a friendship!
S. Carraway